Luisa is a sweet girl. She can be a little cautious at first but once she comes out of her shell she is very sweet and has a very loud purr. She loves to run and play with her siblings and climb to the top of the highest cat trees.  She sleeps on the bed with her foster family at night and really loves to lick your fingers until they are clean. Luisa is never alone and she would love a home with another kitty friend who wants to snuggle with her and play.

Luisa tested positive Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) which is a viral infection that gives her a weakened immune system. Most kittens who test positive as a small kitten will retest negative at 6 months old but there’s always a chance she will remain positive.  It doesn’t require medication and they can live full happy lives with proper diet and regular vet checkups.

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Woodbridge, VA




3 Months


Good For First Time Pet Owner, Good With Other Cats, Special Needs