Kennedy is very outgoing and adventurous. He loves people and would love to spend most of his time in your lap or cuddle up in bed with you.  He loves to play with the laser pointer and likes to climb his cat tree. He is very well traveled and made his way from North Carolina to Virginia and came to us in very bad shape.  He had very bad teeth and needed to have all but four pulled but that doesn’t stop him from eating dry food and crunchy treats with his wet food. He lives with other cats but would really like a home where he can be the king of the castle.

Kennedy tested positive for Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) which is a virus that causes a weaken immune system.  It is not contagious to any other species and it can only be transfer by a deep bite wound.  He can groom, play, eat, and use the same bathroom as other cats without it spreading.  He is healthy and as long as he is taken to the vet for shots he will require no additional care and should have the same lifespan as any other cat.

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Woodbridge, VA