Katie is a little girl looking for doting family. She is a petite beauty despite having been pregnant before. She was found with her baby kittens and proved to be the most devoted of mamas, even offering to take other orphaned babies. With all of her babies adopted and her still only a year old herself, she’s looking for a home of her own.
Although shy and sometimes weary of loud noises (she’s not a fan of the vacuum), she really wants a home where her humans will offer her attention. She isn’t a lapcat but will get excited when you enter the room and lie happily by your feet or a nearby catbed. Her current fosters notice that she prefers to eat her meals when friendly humans are in the room with her. She’ll come for pets if you call her, but if she is overstimulated and done with pets, she’ll give you a gentle reminder.
She gets along great with other cats, but her timidity means she’ll do better in a home with fewer other cats so that her affections will be directed on you. Due to her initial shyness, she would flourish best in a smaller home, like an apartment.



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Orange, White


Alexandria, VA




Good With Other Cats