I’m the best of the bunch, and believe me, it’s a big bunch.  I toddle along on my little fat legs and sturdy body, trying to keep up with the people because I like them a lot.  They rub my tummy and play with my toes and give me good things to eat, sort of like my mom.  I also have the best coloring of the gray and white crowd, since I have more white, and my fur is soft and fuzzy.  OK, maybe my calico sister is just as pretty, and my brother is yellow, and then there are my two foster sisters – oh, never mind.  But I’m the sweetest and I look cute when I’m playing and growl under my breath when I’m wrestling with a sibling.  Speaking of, I’m pretty young yet, so I’ll need a kitty friend to learn the ropes with, my brother or a sister would be good for that.

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Hair Length





Woodbridge, VA


5 Months


Grey, White


Good For First Time Pet Owner, Good With Other Cats